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Reform immigration detention!

Call and send a message to your representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act! ACT NOW.

Each day, nearly 40,000 people sit unnecessarily locked up in hundreds of immigration detention centers across the country—most of which are run by private, for-profit companies or county jails. Abuse is rampant, deaths are not uncommon, and due process rights are routinely denied in immigration detention. Moreover, there is very little oversight of the immigration detention system and neither the U.S. government nor private prison corporations are held accountable for these injustices.

It is past time to overhaul immigration detention. The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act (recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives) will increase oversight and accountability, significantly reduce the number of individuals detained, and end the use of private prisons and county jails for immigration detention.

Ask your representative to stand up for human rights and co-sponsor the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act.

Enter your address information below to find your members of congress and call them using the script below. Then submit the form to send them an email message too.

Sample Script
"Hello, my name is [first name] and I'm calling to ask Representative [name] to co-sponsor the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act. The bill will end the use of private jails, help ensure humane treatment of detained individuals, and increase oversight and accountability of the immigration detention system. Please pass my message on to the representative."