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Pass the VOICES Act in Illinois!

Tell your Illinois House representative to protect immigrant survivors of domestic violence and other serious crimes by supporting the VOICES Act!

The VOICES Act helps immigrant survivors of certain serious crimes—including domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking—seek legal status called a U Visa if they assist authorities in the crime investigation. This protection can provide life-changing stability for survivors and their families, and helps them move on from the trauma they have experienced.

Currently, many law enforcement agencies refuse to sign the certification form that an individual needs to apply for a U Visa verifying that he or she is a crime survivor who cooperated with law enforcement. The VOICES Act provides clear guidelines and processes for law enforcement agencies to provide U Visa certifications.

The VOICES Act passed the Illinois Senate and is moving to the House this week. The full Illinois House may vote on the VOICES Act very soon, and your representatives need to know their constituents (that’s you!) strongly support this bill.

Enter your address below to see your representative's contact information. First, call your representative and urge them to support the VOICES Act. Then, complete the form to send them a message.