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Tell Congress: Defund Family Separation and Immigration Detention!

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses billions of taxpayer dollars to separate parents from their children and lock up 40,000 people every day in an abusive detention system, including asylum seekers. Congress has the power to cut off funding to stop family separation and mass incarceration.

Tell your representative and senators to stop funding efforts to rip families apart, and lock up and deport our immigrant neighbors!

Enter your address information below to find your members of Congress and call them using the below script. Then submit the form to send them an email message too.

Sample Script:
"Hello, my name is [first name] and I'm calling to ask [Representative or Senator's name] to cut funding for family separation and ICE's abusive immigration detention and deportation system. We must not be complicit in these human rights abuses. Our taxpayer dollars should be used to strengthen families and communities, not tear them apart. Please pass my message on. Thank you."

NIJC is a partner in the #DefundHate campaign. Learn more about the #DefundHate campaign.